Filming and editing

Hi everyone,

Now it’s the summer holidays I have had more time for my blog and had time to do a video to upload, so today I have spent time filming and editing.




It should be up in the next few days.

At the moment I am watching Pitch perfect with my sister. I love it so much and a review is coming up soon.


Lots of love, Lydia

What plans do you have this summer?

Summer Essentials

Hi everyone,

In July I went on holiday to lanzarote with my family, it was amazing and I enjoyed it so much. Now I’m aware of what essentials you need to take personally or as a group. I have photos of a few of the items but not all so here goes.


The first item that is needed a lot of something to read. I read my book and magazine on the flight, at the pool, at the beach, and before bed in my room so for me this was something I definitely needed to take. I took three books with me which were ‘running in heels’, ‘mini shopaholic’ and ‘eat pray love’. I really enjoyed all three of the books. As well as a book I took two magazines, ‘Elle’ and ‘vogue’.


A purse is a necessity, because you have to hold money, documents, and the currency of where you are going, I went to lanzarote, so I had Euros. My purse has quite a lot of compartments, so I had space to store notes, change, tickets, and cute tokens that can be put in a scrapbook.

My purse is from River Island, and it still available now. I really like it has a coin compartment, a zipped pockets, and a lot of card holders and a place for a photo.


I also found that a music player of some sort and headphones are nice to have for the travelling while on holiday because its just a nice way to pass time. I took my phone on holiday because it has my music on it already. I like to take my wreck this journal and some pens, my camera, to take some cute snaps, and also an SPF Lip balm to keep my lips nice and moisturised.

That’s just a few things that I think are nice to take on holiday.
Lots of love, Lydia

What’s your most used item when you go on holiday?